Red On/Off with HUE in 3-way Setup

I have a red on/off switch that I am testing in a room that has a 3-way setup. The aux switch is GE and works great when the internal relay is on. I have all HUE bulbs and have now turned the relay off and setup home assistant automations to control the HUE bulbs based on button presses. This also works well. What does not work is the aux switch in this mode. Is there anyway to know when the aux switch is pressed to trigger the current automations? This is the last item I need to work out before I order several of these switches for the rest of the house.

Aux will not trigger scenes on the switches. I’m not sure if what you’re trying to do is possible; however, I’m not familiar with the Hue devices.

So if we can’t use an AUX switch in the setup could I place a second red switch in place of the AUX switch with the relay turned off like the primary switch? Is there any problem with running 2 red switches on the same circuit in the manner?

No issue with running two Dimmers. Just need neutral at both.