Red Series Buzzing Issues - Bulb Help

Hello there - I have seen this topic addressed in various places in the community but have yet to find an answer. I have a few Red Series dimmer switches and have ongoing issue with bulb buzzing (not at the switch). This buzzing is louder the higher the dimming level, but still present to some extent when lights at 100%. I am using the newest model of the Philips soft glow LEDs. I have seen various explanations on here regarding ELV, MLV, etc. I basically am wanting more guidance on how these switches are designed and what to look for in bulbs and fixtures. Is this a bulb issue or a fixture issue? The bulb compatibility page is NOT very robust and gives little guidance as to what to look for in bulb selection. I have manual dimmers (not Inovelli) on some similar fixtures in the home with the same bulbs and do not run into this issue. Any help troubleshooting would be very much appreciated.