Red Series dimmer 3way setup with smart bulb - Hubitat

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve got a red series dimmer in a 3 way config with a dumb switch, using a zigbee bulb, all on a Hubitat hub.

I want to disable local control, and set a scene to turn the bulb on with one up click, and off with on down click.

I’ve set up the scene using button “1 pushed” to turn on, and “1 held” to turn off.
Once I tap the config button 8x to turn off local control (after verifying the bulb has power) it’s as though the scenes aren’t working. I’ve tried different button combinations, and no change. Scenes to control other devices from the same switch work fine though, only difference is other devices aren’t zigbee, but I wouldn’t think that would matter since I’m doing everything as a scene through Hubitat. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Go into your app (or however you do it with Hubitat) and make sure the switch is turned on. The bulb may not be getting power. Also make sure the Smart Bulb Mode is turned on so the bulb receives full power.

I double checked, and it is in Smart Bulb mode, and the switch is on, the bulb has power.

Can you run the scene from somewhere else to double-check it’s working?

It was something with that bulb. I removed it from Hubitat, then added it back, and the scene is working now.

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