Red Series Dimmer - Flickering at Full Load

@harjms Yes, I can pull the light out vertically but there is no easy way to access any wiring unless I cut it open. I’m not handy at all so I don’t want to risk creating a fire hazard. It’s okay, I’ll just use the switch in another area of the house and leave this room as is for now. Thanks for your time.

@wsdavis Turning down the max range fixed my flickering issue.

For anyone finding this thread, I had this problem and I solved it using similar methods as above.

I have one single pole circuit with one Philips Hue BR30 RGB bulb on it, and one single pole circuit with two of the same bulbs on it. They experienced flickering at power-on lasting between 1.5 and 20 seconds, and sometimes the single bulb circuit would fail to turn off when the switch was toggled off. This happened despite having the relays disabled on both switches, and having both local and remote control disabled for them as well (because smart bulbs). The flickering also happened when the bulbs were powered on using means other than my SmartThings hub/app, including using the Philips Hue app directly.

I resolved both issues by setting the Maximum Level to 70 on the single-bulb circuit and 80 on the two-bulb circuit. I set the minimum level for both circuits to 1, but I am not sure if that made any difference.

Hope this helps.

Just an FYI, I happened across this thread after installing my eighth and ninth red dimmer and ran into a flicker at power on; the lights would ramp up and then go off and back on, but would otherwise be stable after that one flicker. The unique characteristics about both are one controls a single four-bulb LED fixture that, according to the switch, draws 18w, and the second controls a single CREE LED bulb that’s 12w. These are single switch neutral circuits. I tried the non-neutral/three-way toggle and back, didn’t change things. Set to 80% max and it seemed to resolve the issue without a noticeable change in brightness at what would be the new max.