Red Series dimmer instantly died with LEDs

I have pot lights around the house (PAR20) that I just replaced with LEDs, Sylvania dimmable ones. I have some dumb dimmers so I tried the bulbs there first and they worked just fine, so I figured it’d work straight away with the Inovelli dimmer switch. As I turned it on, it started flickering pretty wildly, so I tried to dim it back down a bit to see if it would fix it (and so I could set a max level), but the switch was unresponsive, I couldn’t even turn it off.

I pulled the air gap switch to turn it off, but then it was dead. When I put the air gap switch back in, nothing happens, the LED is completely off, not dimmed, and the switch is unresponsive. My Z-Wave hub can’t see it either.

Seems pretty crazy that bulbs from an actual brand, not no-name junk, would literally kill my dimmer switch. Kinds of turns me off from the product.

Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Post the model of the bulb and your wiring config in the thread for it, and maybe if you do some testing we can cross em off on the QVL. Did you put back the dumb switch?

It is crazy. So we don’t really know that the bulbs killed the dimmer. It’s more likely a faulty switch or faulty wiring that killed it.

There is no QVL. Just a community-contributed Bulb Compatibility Chart.