Red Series Dimmer LZW31-SN: Never works on the first button push

I have a number of Red Series Dimmers and SmartThings with the most current Device Handler. I use them to trigger different scenes through the SmartThings Smart Lighting SmartApp but then never work on the first attempt. For example tapping the config button in the bedroom is supposed to trigger a scene but nothing happens. When I press it again it works as intended. This goes for all my switches and it doesn’t seem to matter if its a single, double or triple tap.

Looking in the SmartThings debug log for the example above I see that Button 7 was pressed and then I see the following error “Unexpected zwave command BasicReport(value: 255)”

Any idea how to fix this?

Please post screenshots of the scene and accompanying Smart Lighting config.

I should also have mentioned in the original post that this problem has been going on for almost a year but it didn’t always do this. It worked as expected originally and then it started happening. I changed some settings and then it stopped but started again. The majority of the time it doesn’t work properly.

Here’s the screenshots of the light and scene described above:


Here’s one that doesn’t activate a scene, it just turns on a lamp that’s on a smart outlet but has the same behavior. Nothing on the first attempt then it works on the second attempt.


Try removing the Toggle On/Off from the SmartLighting config for the one for the scene. Since you are using it to trigger a scene, it’s not appropriate.

If you were using SmartLighting to turn a light on and off, toggle would be appropriate. One press would turn it on; the next would turn it off. But since you’re triggering a scene and you want the scene to trigger every time, you don’t want the toggle.

Not sure about the 2nd one, a toggle there is appropriate. EDIT: I just tested a pocket socket with a SL toggle on configuration. You need the toggle on for turning the socket on and off. This is from a LZW31-SN.

What firmware(s) are your dimmers on?


Did removing the toggle fix the one with the scene?