Red Series Dimmer Not Turning Off and Clicking

Interesting situation. I’ve had this Red Series Dimmer in place in a 3-way installation (with a dummy switch and neutral) for a few years. The other day, the lights were on, and the Red Series wouldn’t turn them off, even with the physical switch. Eventually it shut off, so while I thought it was strange, I wrote it off as a one off. It’s now happened a few times in the last week. Now I notice that I hear the switch “click” like the on/ off series. I’ve never noticed this before on any of my other Red Series dimmers. The LED bar fades off, then click!

It may be coincidence, but I updated the firmware on all of my Red Series about two months ago to 1.57 (I think).

Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions on what to try? Thanks!

The red dimmer will click when it is set up as a 3-way with a dumb switch, so that is normal.

Have you tried rebooting the switch by pulling the air gap?

I’ll try rebooting it later, won’t be able to get to the switch until later in the week, but will try that when I can.

Maybe I’m using the term dumb switch wrong, because I have another Red Series hooked up 3-way and am sure I have never heard a click on that one. The second switch in the setup is a toggle 3 way, not an Inovelli, but not a “normal” on/off switch.

Perhaps you mean that you have a three way with an Inovelli and an Aux switch? If you are using an Aux switch, then you shouldn’t hear the Inovelli click.

But you used the word “toggle” to describe the three way. If you are using a Aux switch, it is a momentary three way, not a toggle three way. Check your parameters for Switch Type. If you are using an Aux, it should be set to 3-way Momentary. If you have it set to 3-way Toggle, that wouldn’t be correct and would cause the Inovelli to think it’s talking to a dumb switch, which could cause the clicking.

Thanks! Now I recall when I did the firmware upgrade,a few settings appeared unset in home assistant. This was one of those, so I picked the dumb switch option. I was thinking that aux meant a second red series as the other switch. I changed that setting and I’m guessing this fixes my issue!