Red Series Dimmer Responsiveness

Just installed a Red Series Dimmer LZW31-SNU that I bought a few years ago. It functions, but the response had about a 2 second lag, and both a Zwave or switch command to turn the lights on starts them at dim, slowly brightens them, while a command to turn off slowly dims them to off. I’d like them to go totally off immediately, and totally on immediately to the last level.

Searching this forum led me to change Preferences from the default to below:

  1. Dimming Speed (presumably from Zwave command)=0 which should turn light immediately on or off.
  2. Dimming Speed (From Switch)=0
  3. Ramp Rate (presumably from Zwave command)=20
  4. Ramp Rate (from switch)=20
  5. Minimum Level=20
    '21. AC Power Type = Neutral

Despite the above changes, there was no change to the way the lights operate. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

If you want on/off to be instant you need to set the Ramp Rates to 0

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Thank you. Appreciate the help!!! That was the solution, except then I could no longer set the dimming from the switch.
So what I have now is:
Preferences (Seem to be listed as parameters above):
1 Dimming Speed = 3
2 Dimming Speed (from switch) = 101
3 Ramp Rate = 0
4 Ramp Rate (from switch) = 0
5 Min Level = 20

This seems to work GREAT. Instant on and off via Z wave command or single tapping the switch on or off. It still allows me to press and hold the switch to change the light level.


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And that basically sums up the purpose of params1-4 and the difference between “Dimming Speed” and “Ramp Rate”

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