Red Series Dimmer setup without a load?

Any reason not to have a red series dimmer setup without load? I’ve already done it and it appears to be just fine but thought someone smarter than me could give me some input. I have switches that control one half of an outlet in a few rooms. I find these mostly useless and annoying so I’ve replaced the switch in wall with a new red series dimmer and replaced the outlet in the wall so it is now always hot. The dimmer has ground, neutral and line running into it, just no load. I intend to have this switch control a few of the new zwave bulbs in the room. Thanks for the input!

I don’t see any problem with this. I would just disable local relay. Then use it for scenes and/or notifications. When or if you sell the house, I would remove the switch as someone would be hunting forever trying to figure out what it controls.

Agreed, I will definitely be taking my Inovelli switches with me :slight_smile: . I’ve left the load wire inside the outlet box and switch box so it should be a 5 minute job putting things back how they were. Thanks for the input harjms!