Red Series Dimmer turns itself ON

This switch has been working correctly for a couple of months but recently If I turn the switch off (press the bottom momentarily) after about ten to thirty seconds it turns back on. I can dim to zero percent (press and hold the bottom) and it will stay off but then can only turn back on buy holding the top down.

I have smart things but the switch does the same thing even when the hub is offline, logs in ST shows that it turned on.

I have dropped power to it and still does the same thing.

Could you exclude the switch from the hub and see if the switch turns on as you described?

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In addition, go into the IDE and look at the list of events. What @harjms is suggesting will isolate the switch from the hub to see if it’s really the switch turning itself back on. If you look at the list of events, you may see that a command from the hub is actually turning it back on.

So I am watching the live events in the smart things, turn the switch off, then wait for it to turn on, no events are generated, then i look at the logs for the actual device and you can see where i turn it off and then where it turns back on and in both events the “source” is the device not the hub.

This confirms that its not the hub turning it back on

So did you exclude it from SmartThings?

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I don’t think that confirms it. I just used the ST app to turn off and turn on a switch, and the ST live logging listed the source as the device. The Events List log also listed the source as device digital.

I would do as @harjms suggested and exclude the device. That’s the only way that you can truly rule out the hub.