Red series dimmers SUDDENLY not shutting off all the way

Woke up to the baby crying early this morning and noticed that her light was just barely on. Turned up the brightness turned it off still just a little bit of light. Said to myself that’s weird I’ll look in the morning. When I get up I noticed the light in our bedroom is doing the same thing (Separate circuits). While I was looking at it wife says to me I noticed last night that baby light wasn’t turning off all the way. I’m aware that its a semi common problem with led lights but it didn’t start till last night. What could have changed overnight for two of my switches? The weird thing is when you turn them off they go all the way off for a second then come back on.
Switch setup in 3 way is fine. Are we going crazy?

As funny as this sounds, are you sure that the dimmers are off? I am asking because there have been cases where people thought they turned the dimmer off but in reality they were holding the bottom paddle down with a long press. That will not shut a dimmer off it will only take it to the minimum illumination level. To shut the dimmer off, you need to do a short press on the bottom paddle.

One way to confirm this is to check the dimmer’s status on the hub to see if it is reported as off when in fact the bulb is still illuminated.

That being said, I have never seen a dimmer turn off a bulb and then quickly illuminate it dimly, so you may have some other issue going on.

Yep same thing via the app or switch, that was my first thought when I saw it in the baby room.

This is my mother in law. Anytime she comes over to babysit I have to go around and dim the lights up from 1% because she holds instead of clicking and then bitches that the lights won’t ever turn back on for her.

@andrew.mahlman I had this happen once where the dimmer itself was actually off and the light was still illuminated. This was years ago so I don’t remember exactly what it was but it had something to do with the wiring.

So if I understand correctly, you have 2 dimmers on separate circuits in 2-way configurations. Both dimmers have been working properly. But suddenly last night BOTH dimmers stopped working properly, causing the bulbs to remain illuminated even though the dimmer is off? I’m going to presume that you didn’t change either of the bulbs.

I would exclude from the hub and factory reset the dimmers. Don’t reconnect to the hub. Since they are 2-way neutrals, you should be fine with the defaults. Then test to see if the problem remains. Doing this will isolate the issue to the dimmers or the hub. The odds are infinitesimal that 2 dimmers went bad on the same night. So that suggests the hub, but I have no idea what that issue might be. But at least after this test you’ll have the issue isolated to one or the other.

Set your dimmers’ minimum value to where the bulb will remain illuminated so it is clear that the dimmer isn’t off. That way you can’t dim below the illumination level and fool anyone into thinking the dimmer is off when it really isn’t.

Make that 3, forgot to check the outdoor light. Nothing has changed or updated in home assistant / zwave js but that would be my guess to. Did it somehow push a change to some parameters? I’ll try removing/ factory reset tomorrow.

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Excluded and factory reset same thing, not sure what to do next.

So there are three now all doing the same thing (outdoor light)? How long have they been installed?

I’m guessing there is no possibility that this was going on a while and you didn’t notice it?

Have you had a power failure recently?

All of them are controlling the same led flush mount light. No recent power failure but did have a nasty storm a few days ago. One of the switches is over a year old the other two I’ve had for about 2 months. I don’t know how we would have both not noticed it till the same day but weirder things have happened.

It’s really just a minor annoyance as long as it’s not damaging my lights.

Yep, hard to say for sure. I asked about the power failure as in general they are known to affect sensitive electronics if the power restoration causes a surge. In the past, I’ve lost GE switches that way.

Flush mount “pancake” lights have been found to not be compatible with the dimmer. Not all AFAIK, but they do tend to be problematic. Wonder if that is what is going on and it wasn’t noticed . . .

I had this problem with one of my switches last week. I just air-gapped it, and it was fine after that.

I had this happen on a new switch install last month. I ended up replacing the bulb and the problem went away. In my case, the bulb (when off) was very dim. Not really casting any light, just glowing still. I left it alone for like 5-10 mins to see if it would eventually stop glowing and it never did. I replaced the bulb and the problem went away.

Did it just randomly start. Air gap didn’t work for me unfortunately.

It was working properly again as soon as I finished air-gapping it.