Red series notifications turn off after button press

I have red series dimmer throughout the house as a place where I can see if say doors are open or closed and so on. But when the switch is used it stops the notification and goes back to my default led color. Is this a normal operation? I guess it defeats the used of the notifications if it stops after the switch is used.

If i remember correctly, a firmware update addressed this.

I came to the community to see if we expect to be able to update these via smartthings new functionality to support zwave firmware updates.

ok good to know. I was a fraid that it was a update. Maybe Im just making it harder than it it is but seems like a pain to do the update?

With the lzw30-sn you can create a notification child device. I use this to indicate if one of my other lights in on. I have a webcore piston watching for status changes between the two switches. If the local switch is on the led is blue, if the remote switch is on the led is green, if both are on the led is yellow. G+B=Y :nerd:

There is a Hubitat solution, too, if you are on that hub.

yes I am on HE C-7.

The Hubitat people should comment. There are a couple updaters for the Hubitat if you decide to go that route. I use the Zwave controller.

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Thank you

@repoman78 - The C7 hubs have a built-in firmware updater. I haven’t used it yet (I use an external Z Wave USB and PC Controller to update all mine).

As far as updates, sometimes it takes me 3 minutes to complete a firmware flash (both Target 0 and 1). Other times it takes a few minutes longer. I can flash my entire house (30+ switches) in a couple of hours. I use the external stick in a laptop so I can walk closer to the switch I’m flashing. Seems to help speed things along.

I use mac laptop, can you still use the USB stick method? Where would I find the updater for C7? is it something I have to install? sorry for the ignorance, new to the HE. I’m an electrician that has just enough computer skills to get me in trouble if I don’t pay attention.

@repoman78 - It’ll probably be best for you to use the built-in updater TBH. You have to use Windows for the PC Controller software (no Mac version).

Do you have the latest firmware on your C7 hub?

I believe it’s going to be an app. You may need to “Activate” the app. I’m not at home, so I can’t screenshot it for you right now.

the simpler the better, lol. yes I’m UTD on the C7.

So I found the built in app you posted, but it only showed
Firmware File Manager NOT Update Z-Wave Firmware like this picture you had

Still not home but try adding some of the firmware URLs to the list in Firmware File Manager. Maybe it needs some files there before the menu becomes active?

Also, this is the only article I found so far about the issue:

Their issue was the hub was really a C5, not a C7.

ok I give your suggestion a shot when I get home from work. maybe Ill check the 2.2.4 version I have just to see. Thanks

So here is something interesting. I just remodeled our office and when moving the Hubitat and cleaning it off I noticed it is a C5. The problem is when I looked back at my amazon order is was suppose to be a C7.

I’d be sending it back, but that definitely explains why the Upgrade Firmware isn’t there.