Red Series On/Off - Constantly Clicking and Locks Up

Looking for some community guidance. I have a Red Series On/Off installed to control a couple strands of Christmas Lights. When power is applied, about every 10-15 mins the switch relay clicks (almost like turning off and on again) however the Christmas lights never turn off. The LED on the switch goes from Blue to Green and back to Blue.

Also after a undetermined number of clicks, the switch does become unresponsive and requires a reboot to bring back by pulling out the airgap. I have about 8 of these switches and it is only this one that seems to have this issue.

This is a LZW30-SN controlling a receptacle? Is there anything else plugged into the receptacle?

I’d exclude and do a factory reset to see if that resolves it.

It almost sounds like a loose connection. You might want to open the box up and double check the wiring.

Yes the switch is controlling an outdoor receptacle. I have done a factory reset and the issue does come back. I am looking into firmware as a potential issue but I do have other Red On/Off’s from the same batch that don’t have issues. I would need to validate that all the units from the same date stamp batch are using the same firmware.