Red Series On/Off Switch - Rapidly Turning On and Off

Last night when I was turning getting ready for bed I turned one of my switches off and it began rapidly turning on and off (flashing). I was able to stop it by cycling between on and off several times. It is still doing it when I try to change the state. I just tried to turn back on and it did it again. I stopped it by cycling several times. It does this whether physically pushed or initiated through Smartthings.

I see this appears to have happened in the past by searching, but am unclear how to solve?

2-way, 3-way, 4-way?



2 way

Not sure of the total load, but the switch controls a few LED bulbs so pretty low.


Note this switch has been installed for several months with no issues.

Can you double check the firmware version? Latest one is 1.22 for the LZW30-SN.

Yep, open the device page in the IDE. Looks like this:

Sorry about that. It is ver:1.20.

1.20 is fine.

Is this repeatable? If it is and you can replace the bulbs temporarily with incandescent, I’d try that to see if the problem goes away. If that’s the case, that would indicate low current draw is causing the problem.

It is repeatable. I can probably find some incandescents to swap in there. Any idea why it would work fine for months and just pop up now?

This is a bit of a guess, but a load on a circuit can cause changes in power draw. There have been instances where a bypass has solved a problem because it adds to draw, even though you shouldn’t need a bypass in a neutral configuration. So if incandescent bulbs, which add to draw, make the problem go away, a bypass might solve it. Can’t say why, exactly, but it’s fixed issues for others.