Red series on/off unresponsive

Anyone having issues with the red series on/off not responding? I have been dealing with an issue with a red series on/off becoming unresponsive on a 3-way with an auxiliary switch at the other end. At least once every 2 weeks or so, both switches quit working, locally and remotely, however the physical light is on with no way to turn it off. The led on the inovelli switch is on, but it the switch, and aux switch, is unresponsive. I have to trip and reset the breaker to make them function properly again. I really like the switches and functionality, but I’d rather have switches that work reliably without the bells and whistles than to reset a breaker every 2 weeks just to be able to turn my lights off.

Does pulling the air gap not work to reset it? Have you tried a factory reset? Once you do, set your AC Power Type and Switch Type parameters off of what you plan to put them on, and then back to the settings you want them on.

If none of that helps, you may have a faulty switch that sounds like it is disabling the internal relay for some reason.

Forgot about the air gap. I’ll give that a try next time it happens. I’ll do a factory reset and see it that resolves the issue.

I have a red series dimmer with a dumb switch that has done the same once. Pulling the air gap has cleared it for me.

Ironically I had my first red series dimmer freeze last night. Single pole, with a neutral, it was completely unresponsive and stuck on. Ive had 16 switches installed for a month and this was the first.