Red Series Started Flickering

Here is a weird situation that happened to all of my dimmers. My Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was having WiFi connectivity issues so I replaced with a new one. I just took the SD card and Aeotec Z-Wave stick from the old Pi and put it in the new Pi. The new Pi booted and Home Assistant loaded. This happened yesterday. Today I turned on my lights too full dim and all of a sudden the lights started flickering. I had these dimmers installed for over 4 months without them flickering. All I did was changed Raspberry Pi. Everything else stayed the same. Not exactly sure what I did to cause this. Any ideas?

Hey @datzent83 - did you have any parameters saved on your previous Pi?

I didn’t make any changes to the switches. I installed them as factory defaults. I just never got the chance to fine tune them.

The strange thing is, for example, in the kitchen there are 8 LED bulbs at 10W each, not all bulbs are flickering. And even more strange is they flicker randomly every time we switch the lights off and on.

Any ideas?

Not being based on Pi swap out. I don’t see a correlation. Some of ours are flickering based on some firmware tweaks.

But I didn’t touch the switches. I didn’t make any modifications besides the Pi swap.