Red switch and 2 smart strip controllers

Greetings, I am looking into buying the led smart strips. Can I use an inovelli red switch to control them via zway? The issue I have, I have a switched feed for under cabi etc lights in one wall, but no the other side. So I can plug in the control, but would like to control them from zwave.


You could use your hub to respond to the scene command. Iā€™m not sure if zwave associations work, but scenes should work with no issues.

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Thanks for the reply. The reason for wanting the associations, I have my wife and inlaws who use the kitchen alot, and there the traditional switch. If I can avoid fishing a switched power wire from one wall to the other wall on the other side that would be great

As James said, you can do that with scenes, but here is what is supported for association.


Scenes will work, just understand there may be a second delay from the Hub sending out the command to turn on the cabinet lights, so they may see one side come on before the other side. Local hub will work more reliable than a Cloud based hub too.