Red Switch - chatty logs and not working

My first troubleshooting is now happening… I’m not sure where to start here. Help?
One Red Switch isn’t working, when I toggle the physical switch nothing happens, when I toggle the dumb switch on the other end (3-way) nothing happens. I did notice that several times the switch seems to click off after a second or two (I’ve got them set with the LED at 100% when On and 30% when Off, it switches to 100% then back to 30%).

So, I went to check the device events, and WOW!!! There are 53 pages of events for this one switch, my others have only 4-5 pages. I’m seeing an event listed every 2-4 seconds…

So I went and check the hub logs, and this is what I’m seeing, it’s ridiculous.

State Variables:

I think you should back up to try and isolate the issue. Remove the switch from the hub so that the hub is out of the equation. Flip the Inovelli on and off. The delay should be less than a second. You should hear the relay click. The LED should go on and off.

LZW30 or LZW30-SN?

Neutral or non-neutral?

Firmware version?

Have you flashed this switch?

What firmware version is reported on the device screen?

@Bry, sorry for the delay, I had to leave town for a few days suddenly.
It’s LZW30-SN, using a Neutral, in a 3-way.
State Variables says needfwUpdate: false (?)
Showing firmware 1.20, odd because when I search the KBs the most recent I see is 1.19 (beta).

1.20 is actually correct. They have been shipping with those for a while. 1.20 fixes an issue for the factory during testing, so for end-user purposes either 1.19 or 1.20 is fine.

So I would still remove from the hub and factory reset the switch. Is your load in the same box with the Line or is it in the remote box? I’m thinking you should wire the switch and not connect it to the hub to see what happens. If your Line and Load are in the same box, wire it first as a 2-way leaving the 3-way disconnected to see if it works that way.

There is actually a 1.21 and a 1.22 firmware on the ftp. Although I have yet to see a changelog for those two version.

I ended up pulling the air gap switch out and putting it back in and that resolved the issue, both with the chatty logs and with the switch not working (thank you to Inovelli email support). They did say this was a temp fix, so I sent them more details, let’s see what they say.

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