Relay Click in Single Pole

I understand the click noise in a 3 way setup is normal, but can’t find confirmation anywhere if I should be hearing it in a single pole setup.

Any help I can get from the community is appreciated!

There are two sounds you might hear. The first is the sound of the paddle operating, which you will always hear.

The second is the relay click, which when working follows the paddle click. In a single-pole (2-way) configuration, you will hear the relay click if the switch is in the on-off mode and the relay click, P261 is enabled.

You should not hear the relay click with a single-pole/2-way, in the dimmer mode or if you are in the on-off mode and P261 is set to disabled.

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Note that the “Relay Click enable/disable” parameter is P261 for the Blue series (zigbee) but it’s P161 for the Red series (Zwave)

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