Removing or Re-Creating Child Devices

I have some corrupt LED Effect Color Notifications that I need to fix (Remove in most cases, Add in one).

Does anyone know if there is a way to remove or add the child device on a Red series switch in Hubitat?

I would prefer not to remove and add the switch if possible…

There definitely is a way, but right now I’m not sure if there’s an easy way. If there is an easy way, it looks like Inovelli’s current driver code should remove that notification child device if you un-set all of the preferences for that particular notification (color, level, effect, and duration), though I haven’t tested that (I don’t use Inovelli’s custom drivers) and don’t know if Hubitat will truly let you un-set a preference and let the driver actually work in that way.

If not, you could switch to Hubitat’s generic “Device” driver and run one of the commands there that will clear all child devices. (I think this is coming in 2.2.4, so if you’re on 2.2.3 or earlier, you might not see it yet, but maybe soon!) However, this would delete all child devices; you can’t choose specific ones. That may or may not be a problem for you.

If nothing else and you’re using (or could use) a custom driver, the code could be modified to just delete specific child devices based on their DNI, perhaps most easily as something that will run when you save the driver (like updated()), then removed so as to not continue to cause this in the future. If it comes to that and you’re not Groovy-versed, I could throw together a quick mod. But hopefully one of the above helps (or will soon)!

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Funny you say that - it’s the first thing I tried, only to find out that apparently, once you set something up, you cannot revert back to nothing… As far as I can tell…

Thanks! I’ll try this first - Just updated to 2.2.4. Will let you know if it works.

Update: That worked - Devices deleted. And if I need to re-create it, I can just re-select new values under LED Notifications (Color, level, duration & type). Issue fixed!

Now if only someone could update the driver to add a value that removes the child… That would be the best! From what I can recall, @EricM_Inovelli is the Driver’s author - tagging him in case it is something that he thinks could/should be added at some point. It would certainly help with transitioning to a new hub!!!

If you set the notification type to “Off” and save preferences it will delete the child device.



Yup! That worked! I should have tried all of the drop downs! Thanks so much!

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