Renamed notification device and now tiles are blank

As described, so I guess this isn’t possible on SmartThings or I did it wrong. I’m now in a place where I need to get it corrected. Does anyone have some advice on how to fix it. PS. I renamed because when I told Alexa to turn master bedroom light out it would come back with which device you have multiple devices with that name.

You can delete it in the Classic app and then just resave the notification and the child tile will be recreated. this just happened to me this morning. Should work in the new app too but I had the Classic open. If you have used the new Alexa integration I’m not sure if you can remove the notifications from Alexa. In connected services choose Alexa and see if you can choose only the devices you want Alexa to control. I know the new Integration has a bug that will not allow the choosing of devices from what I understand. Good Luck

OK that worked,

Thanks GrantsAuto for your help