Reward Points Notification for Bulb Posting

I did get my first notification that I was awarded points for posting about a bulb. Thank you Inovelli for that!!

However, it came in showing it came form Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate. Thinking it was some solicitation for me to buy their software or sign up for some class I just deleted it. In going back I see the send line in my Preview in the Mail app on my Mac says (in a much smaller font) “Your Bulb Submission is Approved”, so part is certainly on me, but I was just wondering if there was someway the notification could be changed so it says it is from Inovelli instead?



Hey Stuart,

Thanks for the submission!

It’s still a work in progress :slight_smile:

I was having some permission issues to send on behalf of our support email. Hopefully I can work it out soon.