RGBW LED Lightstrip (Project Cribs)

Naturally with Vera, it worked the third time I tried it! Can’t wait to find a new hub…

Might want to add a note to the callout indicating the linked thread is for the bulbs but also works for the strips. When it didn’t work the first time I started doubting it.

Edit: I just realized it linked to the forum. Posted my experience there to hopefully help others.

Yes, it means that the controller can set the color and brightness of each RGB LED individually and independently of the other RGB LEDs on the strip (The white LEDs are not individually addressable, so all of the white LEDs are set to the same brightness along the entire strip when those are used).

However, with the current firmware there’s no way for a user to specify to the controller how they want each LED set on a per-LED basis. Replies earlier in this thread suggest that Inovelli is looking at how they can best add this in a future firmware update.

TL;DR: The hardware can do what you want, but the software is still being worked on.

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Light strips received and really loving them so far. Looking at placing another order to go over our kitchen cabinets. One issue though, where our fridge bumps out the cabinet does as well. I would like to follow the cabinets overhead but I don’t see any left angle connectors, only right. Are there any plans on left angle or does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish what I am looking to do?

Ok, dumb question: I’ve had a great couple of days playing with all of the custom parameters for my led strips, but now it’s time for them to do their primary job. How do I get them just to display warm white and no animations? Running in HA if that matters.

Excited to get mine from just the other side of the state, but it’s been stuck in the Detroit hub since Saturday :frowning: At this point, it misses their extended window (3-4 days) for first class packages, maybe that’s something Inovelli can claim against?

In addition to the link @Bry posted, here’s a tutorial written for ST specifically that should help with creating custom effects:

Not at this time, unfortunately.

I’m thinking I need to update the terminology as many people are confused here. I think I’ll just remove the word, “Individual” which may help.

But to answer your question, the pixels are individually addressable in that they can be a part of pre-made effects and the strip’s pixels will be different from one another (instead of having them all be the same), however, you cannot manually change pixel #1, 5, and 23 for instance to separate colors.

We are looking into a firmware update that allows this.

EDIT: Dangit, I should’ve read further down the thread and realized we have an awesome community. Thanks @darthandroid for answering this lol

Thank you :slight_smile:

So, while not recommended as it takes a bit of force to get them in, you can actually just flip over the right angle and it will work as a left angle:

We don’t have any orders in for left angles (honestly, we didn’t even think about it), but we can check with our manufacturer to see if they have any we can buy (they outsource them too, so hopefully the people they buy them from have them).

I’ll have to wait for someone else to respond unfortunately as I’m not familiar with HA :frowning:

Maybe @nathanfiscus or @EricM_Inovelli knows?

Yeah, this has been a problem as of recently. It looks like USPS is experiencing some delays. We’re looking into an alternate solution in the future. With the claims, what ends up happening, is that 9/10 the package just hasn’t been scanned during one of the stops and will arrive late and they won’t honor the claim as it has arrived albeit late. So then we’re out two packages lol.

I’m hoping in the next month or so, @anon14959390 will have implemented Shipper HQ into our website which will allow for the choice of shipping options (USPS, UPS, FedEx). If your package doesn’t arrive in the next week or so, shoot me and @Courtney_Inovelli a PM and we’ll take care of you.


Thanks for making smarthome products, that instead of sucking, are awesome! Look forward to seeing what the future holds for you guys.

Would you be willing to divulge what protocol you use for addressing the individual LEDs? I see up in the thread that lengths of 30ft might be possible—buying and snapping together that many strips for multiple locations in my house feels tedious and expensive, but if I could use generic LED strips I would definitely buy many more controllers.

Keep up the excellent work!

They also have support for “generic” strips on their firmware roadmap. If I recall correctly adding that at initial release would have delayed the launch a few months. Stay Tuned for more Awesome :wink:


Would it be possible to add the color pre-staging option similar to the bulbs? I like being able to change the color over time but don’t want the strip turning on if it’s not presently on.

Looking at the driver code for the bulb it looks like it just toggles whether or not a basicSet command is included in setColor's command group or not, so hopefully it works the same way for the strip?

I see that the strip even has the copypasta’d code for it, but the option itself just isn’t exposed :wink:

Any possibility of the controllers being powered by 2 wire low voltage wiring? My house was wired with under cabinet strip lighting that uses 2 wire power. I was hoping that at some point I would be able to throw in a controller like yours where the wire comes out of the wall and then running your LED strips so we could do all the fun colors. Basically something like the gledopto zigbee controller but, you know, inovelli style.

Try adding this to your configuration.yaml (for Legacy ZWave 1.4)

    light.inovelli_lzw45_light_strip_level:   # change this entity if needed.
      supported_features: 177

After adding to your configuration.yaml and restarting your server, the white level slider and the white temperature slider will be force added to your light entity. I didn’t get the temperature slider to work. I am still looking at why the temperature slider isn’t working with this device when using the legacy ZWave 1.4 integration.

Thanks @nathanfiscus. I don’t actually have a light entity with the legacy zwave integration - I’ve got 4 sensor entities and a zwave entity but no light entity.

I’ve been playing with the parameters, and it seems to me like I should be able to set the strip to static warm white using parameter 21 if I could figure out the byte settings. Do you agree, or am I off base here?

For parameter 21, I can calculate the values manually for the rgb colors using color*1 + level*256 + duration*65536 + effect*16777216 and get the same values given by your nice toolbox app. However, I can’t figure out how to account for the extra bits in bytes 1 and 4 that permit the use of the white leds.

The controller uses 12VDC. The power supply that ships is rated at 2A.

To add on what @Bry said, it is a pretty standard supply. So if you have 12v DC low voltage wiring… that can supply the amperage… You could wire up the correct plug to power the controller. I do not have mine in front of me but it seemed like it was the pretty generic 5.5 x 2.5mm barrel plug. DIY versions of those (crimp or solder) are pretty common.

If your low voltage wiring is NOT 12v or is low voltage AC, it IS possible but more complicated.

@Bry @Snell Thanks for the info, I’ll have to dig into it this weekend.

@Courtney_Inovelli I can love this post enough.

Thanks @nathanfiscus! Editing the zwcft_***.xml file as you mentioned above worked for me, and gets the light entity to show up for me. I can now turn it on and off and have a little control over color and temperature, although as you mentioned, it’s still somewhat buggy.

The more I read, it looks like parameter 21 should allow me to set this to solid warm white, but I can’t figure out what value to use for Byte 4 - can you advise? Here’s what I have:

Byte 1 (color): 2700
Byte 2 (level): 10
Byte 3 (duration): 255
Byte 4 (effect): ? 

My best guess for Byte 4 was 9 (1 + 8) giving me a total value for the parameter of 167711884, but unfortunately that doesn’t work, so I think I must be wrong on my Byte 4 value. Any thoughts?

Anybody tried the maximum length out yet? I have 12ft of strip and the output drops to a maximum of 63% with no additional connectors - If I add the 2 T’s I have been wanting and the additional 2ft I need I don’t imagine this will be bright enough to be useful in my application

That being said - can we replace this with a power supply that’s able to support more lights or will that destroy something?

I also tried getting this running with home assistant but I can only control one white LED, and can’t disable the center color LED so maybe when I get that center one turned off this will still be bright enough for me