Sanity check for LZW31 3-Way with auxillary switch

I don’t have much experience with 3-way wiring setups so I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. My current setup involves a ceiling fan where the light is controlled via two dumb switches and the fan by another. I want to replace the light switches with an LZW31 and a GE auxiliary switch. I’m no electrician, so apologies if my description is convoluted.

The box containing the fan switch and one of the light switches has the power source from the breaker as well as the load wires. The load wire (black) for the light is connected with a wire nut to the white wire of the three conductor romex connected to both boxes. In the other box that white wire is connected to common. The red and black wires of that romex are connected to both switches.

What I think I need to do:

In the box with the power source, connect the LZW31 to line, and the red wire of the traveler romex. Then disconnect the black load wire from the white wire of the traveler romex and connect that black wire to load on the switch. Cap the disconnected black traveler wire. Connect the white traveler wire to the neutral bundle along with a pigtail for the LZW31.

In the other box, also cap the black traveler wire. Connect the red wire to traveler on the auxiliary switch and the white to neutral. Cross fingers and test.

Is that correct? Thanks for the help.

That sounds correct. Don’t forget to set your parameters. 21 to Neutral (1) and 22 to 3-Way Momentary/Aux (2).

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Switches arrive later this week. Thanks for the settings reminder and for double checking my work. Much appreciated.

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Worked perfectly.