Scenes only work on second try?

I have a couple of Red dimmers in my kitchen on 2 separate circuits controlling can lights. Since the switches are on opposite ends of the room, I programmed scenes on each switch with double tap gestures to control the other set of lights. One switch works fine, but on the other the scene commands almost always fails on the first try. Second and subsequent attempts work fine. Normal on-off behavior works fine. The setup is identical (well, exactly opposite) on each switch. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Possible cloud latency issues on ST side? Is it always the same switch causing it? Log and verify hub is receiving double tap command.

One thing to try, If you use the config button scene instead of double tap, does that work reliably?

Another way to troubleshoot would to see if there are any useful details in the IDE logs.

I have the same problem. It’s very unreliable and flaky. I’m on 1.47 and using the config button

Turns out I had a few of my Smart Lighting actions set to “Toggle On/Off” = Yes. Since I had defined separate actions for On & Off, 50% of the time the action had no discernible effect! Fixing those seems to resolve the issue.

Thanks for the advice all! I didn’t even know the logging existed, so learned something here.