Set dimmer level without turning on?

Is it possible to change the default on percentage thru something like hubitat? Im trying to get a couple lights to turn on different percentages based on time of day using a button press

Assuming you are speaking to the LZW31-SN, if you change the value of parameters 9 and 10 the switch will turn on to that level (0-99, 0 is previous):

I use a circadian rhythm app called “adaptive lighting” on HA that I have set the level throughout the day, and it works great in the late evenings to not burst someone with light.

Its a red dimmer. So it sounds like its possible then if hubitat can change the default. Ill see what those guys say. Thank you!

Yes these switches do a fantastic job doing this. You will need to use “Default Level (Local)” and “Default Level (Z-Wave)” for each dimmer to do this. The (local) determines what the level will be if use physically turn on the dimmer at the paddle, while (zwave) is for things sent over the air (motion sensor). A quick example would be a rule that says: at 10pm turn on and set Bathroom default level (local) to 10%. Now every time that batroom paddle is turned on the light will come on at 10%. The best part about this, is that lights that are currently on and set to a level will not be affected until they are cycled. So if your reading and the light is set at 99% it will stay that way until the light turns off and back on. Be awhere, that some lights will come on at a slightly higher level and dim down to the preset. The bulbs in my bedroom come on at about 8% and dim down to the set 5%, but my bathroom light come on at the requested 5%.

In Hubitat Rule Manager you will need to run a ‘Custom Action’ with the ‘setConfigParameter’ command. It will look something like this (example setting the default local dim level to 50)

OR you can use the Parent device to create a Child Default Level device and then just use regular Set Level commands on the Child Device.
image image

This seems to be what I want. Do I set it as a string or a number? Kinda confused on the syntax. Do I include the parenthesis?

These parameters are all numbers and yeah, Rule Manager syntax takes a little getting used to. Because of that, you might find using the Child Device method to be much easier, but it means you’ll have two devices (parent and child) for every dimmer you want to do this on.

When using the Custom Action method, you add the parameters one by one until all 3 have been added. Then click on ‘Done with this action’ and Rule Manager will add the parenthesis for you.

You can just use the Default Level child devices and send them dimness values to get the same behavior on the parent device. It’s a little simpler to integrate in RM.