Set Red Dimmer to Multi-Switch Momentary

I have an inovelli red dimmer switch plus 2 GE aux switches (model number 12723-3. I have verified they are wired correctly. I went through the programming to ensure [ Switch Type: 3-Way (Multi-Switch) - Momentary, AC Power Type: Neutral]. I successfully set it to neutral, which seemed like it already was set to neutral. Then I tried to set it to multi switch momentary. I held the button for 10 seconds, then hit it 12x. The next step is to hit the up button 2 times and wait for it to blink purple twice. However, when I hit up twice it only blinks purple once. I then hold for 10 seconds again to exit. Needless to say my aux switches are not working at all. The Red dimmer works correctly, but the aux switches do nothing.

I even removed them from the wall and rewired them just on my tabletop to ensure I wasn’t doing something stupid, but it is definitely wired correctly. I have a feeling I am not properly going into the multi switch momentary mode.

Please help!

Why not do it through your hub? Set parameter 22 to 2 (aux).