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Setup Instructions Overview

This is Inovelli’s rendition of the digital manual for the Aeotec Motion Sensor.

Navigating these Instructions

For desktop users, the, “Table of Contents” is located to the right of the screen, whereas for mobile users, it can be found at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: If you do not see the table of contents, click here: Setup Instructions | Aeotec Water Leak Sensor - SmartThings

Please click on any of the sections to get started. We recommend working your way down as it follows an intentional flow that is user friendly and hub/gateway specific.

As always, any questions, please see the Additional Resources links section or submit a ticket, we’re happy to help.

Quick Setup Instructions

Follow these if you have already installed this particular version of the sensor before and are just looking for some quick pairing instructions. If this is your first time installing the sensor, please skip this section and work your way through the various sections below starting with the Pairing Instructions.

Let’s begin:

  • Make sure your sensor is blinking yellow and red by doing one of the following pairing methods:
    Pulling the Plastic Tab
    Remove the plastic tab that says, "Remove When Connecting" and the sensor should start blinking yellow and red. If there is no plastic tab as shown below, please move on to option #2.

    Aeotec Multipurpose Sensor w-Tag
    Resetting the Sensor
    Press the reset button located on the back (on the opposite side of where it says, "Open") of the sensor as shown below for 2-3 seconds until it starts blinking yellow and red.

    Aeotec Water Leak Sensor Reset Hole
  • With the sensor flashing yellow and red, open up your SmartThings App to the, “Devices” tab and click on the + at the top right
  • Click, “Add Device”
  • Then under, “Scan for nearby devices” click, “Scan”
  • SmartThings should then search for, find and initialize the sensor


There are no prerequisites for this sensor on the SmartThings platform as everything is fully integrated and the sensor runs locally.

Pairing Instructions

NOTE: If you run into issues pairing, please try moving the sensor closer to the hub during the pairing process.

1. Initiate Pairing on the Sensor

There are two ways to initiate the pairing process on this sensor. Please select the drop-down that corresponds to your situation.

Pulling the Plastic Tab
Remove the plastic tab that says, "Remove When Connecting" and the sensor should start blinking green and red. If there is no plastic tab as shown below, please move on to option #2.

Water Leak Sensor w-tag

Resetting the Sensor
Insert a paperclip or something similar into the reset hole located on the back (right below where it says, "Open") of the sensor as shown below for 2-3 seconds until it starts blinking yellow and red.


Once your sensor is blinking yellow and red, move onto the next step. You will have 2 minutes to complete it before the sensor times out.

2. Initiate Pairing on the Hub

After you’ve initiated pairing on your sensor, it should be flashing yellow and red (reminder, you will have 2 minutes until it times out).

If it’s not flashing, please press down on the button on the back of the sensor for 2-3 seconds (click below for a visual).

Visual Factory Reset - Aeotec Water Leak Sensor

Feel free to follow the written instructions below by clicking the drop down or follow along with the video below:

Written Instructions
  1. Open your SmartThings App and go to the, “Devices” tab image
    Picture Visual
  2. Press the (+) button at the top right of the screen
    Picture Visual
  3. Click on, “Add Device”
    Picture Visualimage
  4. Under the, “Scan for nearby devices” section, click, “Scan” and your hub will search for devices
    Picture Visual
  5. If successful, the sensor will turn solid green for 3 seconds
    GIF VisualMultipurpose Sensor - Successful Pairing
  6. In addition, your app will show your sensor (likely called, “Water Leak Sensor” or something similar)
    Picture Visual
  7. Press the back arrow at the top of the screen to go back to the main menu
    Picture Visual
  8. Next, click on the, “Devices” tab and look for your sensor – it should show up under, “No room assigned”
    Picture Visual!
  9. Feel free to rename it and assign it to the proper room (to do this click on the sensor, then click on the three dots and select, “Edit”)
    Picture Visual
    NOTE: Visual shown below is for a switch – same logic applies for the sensor.

Once your sensor is successfully paired, check to make sure you have basic functionality of your sensor by sprinkling some water on it and see if it indicates wetness in the app (remember to dry it off after).

If successful, we can move onto installing your sensor in the next section.

Installation Instructions

This sensor should be placed near the water source you’d like to monitor. Remember, there are probes on top of the sensor to detect any dripping, as well as probes on the bottom to detect standing water.

Advanced Feature Setup

There are no advanced features for this product.


Please click on the drop-downs below to see the potential answer to your issue. If you have an issue that’s not listed, please let us know by submitting a ticket.

Temperature CalibrationIf you find that the temperature reading is off, there is a built in calibration method inside the SmartThings app. To access this, please select your motion sensor, click on the three dots at the top right and select, "Settings". You will then see a spot that says, "Temperature offset". Enter in a positive or negative number depending on how your temperature reading is off (ie: if you notice the temperature reporting in SmartThings is higher than the actual temperature, you'll want to enter a negative number).

NOTE: Temperature reports every 5 minutes, and any modifications will wait until the next reporting interval to update.

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