Several issues with 3-way dumb switch setup

Some background: I have a Hubitat C7. I am using Red Series Gen 2 Dimmers. I have 2 sets of 3-way switches for my basement. At the top of the stairs I have 2 dumb switches, at the bottom are the 2 smart switches. ALL of the connections are done EXACTLY as shown in .

I am having multiple issues. One of the sets will turn on and then turn off by itself. Sometimes depending upon what’s toggled on the dumb switch, the lights will NOT turn off, even when the hub AND the switch shows it as off (led bar shows off even). I cannot understand why this is happening. They are wired 100% the same as this graphic from the site, yet they will not work correctly. I am using a neutral with both of them. They are sharing a single 120v line.

Can anyone suggest why this is going on and how to fix it? I’ve checked the connections countless times to ensure they are wired exactly as the graphic shows, and they are. The line and load are both in the box with the smart switch in the basement, with the traveler being the only wire going to the top at the dumb switch gang box.

I also want to say that both of these switches will not report their firmware and cannot update it either.

What are your settings for parameters 21 and 22?

Well I think you need to get that fixed first. There is a firmware update that fixes the issue with the lights turning off by themselves

I have them both set as neutral with 3-way toggle.

I tried to, but it gets stuck on the sleep part. I even tried doing the air gap thing, but that didn’t work. I’m gonna try to maybe reboot the hub again and do it again.

I would try setting them at the switch. There have been reports of hubs not always being successful. Change to an improper parameter and then put them back.