Sharptools with red series switches

Does anyone have any experience with Sharptools? I started playing with it tonight because it appears you can make rules that work using both ST and HE. What I’m trying to do is re-establish a notification on a red series switch. I can turn it on of off just fine but need to know if it gets wiped out by another notification or anything else so I can turn it back on. Using WebCore I can simply look for a change on the parent switch. In Sharptools it appears I can only use “changes to” or 'changes and is not" from a switch perspective. I see there are also “lastActivity” and “last Event” options. Any ideas? Has anyone tackled this yet?


I only use the dashboards and not the rule engine, but you could try either switch or last activity “changes and is not” and use a bogus value for the “not”.

I’d also ask over in the ST forum. I’m sure James or Josh will be able to answer that.

Hi Bry, thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I did, I used lastActivity with a bogus value. Works great. I love how you can meld HE and ST on Sharptools.