Shipping times usa

Just wondering what are the shipping times in the states? More specifically to Phoenix arizona? Going to be south for a week and was considering ordering a few more switches and getting them shipped to my hotel instead of paying duties and shipping to canada.

You can get it off amazon prime

I don’t think the unboxed switches are on amazon.

My most recent order was placed on 1/28/2020. It shipped on 1/29/2020 from Michigan, and arrived at my house in Oregon on 2/1/2020.

Sorry for the confusion … I didn’t see that specified…

You can but we are still shipping them from our HQ. Not any faster with Amazon for that unboxed switch.

We can get them there for when you need them! Just let me know and I’ll make sure they get done asap.

Awesome, assuming everything works out I’ll order them on 16 Feb and hopefully they arrive there before the 22nd.

Ordered today let’s hope for the best lol.