Smart Plug/Outlet Recommendations?

Any general recommendations when it comes to smart plugs or I suppose outlets if that’s the way to go? I’ve got a couple ikea tradfri zigbee ones that work fine but are larger than I thought (even knowing they’d be big). I saw Inovelli had the NZW37, but that got discontinued, and it looks like a lot of others I found via Hubitat’s compatibility list are out as well. Not sure if it’s just very niche?

Ended up looking at this and it looks very cost effective, but not a lot of reviews and I focused too much on the 1 stars -

Ultimately no strong preference between zwave/zigbee, just curious what other people are using or any recommendations for plugs or outlets and why to go for one vs the other.

I got a few of these around Christmas and they work great.

Or if you want to “future proof” yourself a little bit, Leviton makes a zwave 700 series in wall outlet but they are 50 bucks a pop.

Edit: 40 bucks a pop


Do you end up having room to use the other outlet if you put one of those in the top one out of curiousity?

As long as the other plug is a 2 prong or a nornal sized 3 prong they should fit.

Whoops you asked about the other way.

I’m using one of these, it works well. Wires go in the ends keeping the profile from the wall tighter. Also has 2 separate switched outlets.

The Leviton receptacles are nice too, keeps it in the wall, and being from a reputable company is always nice from a safety point of view.

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Appreciate it! Yeah, I’ve got a spare outlet with my washing machine that I was debating using a plug for. it goes off at an angle and is bulky enough that I don’t think I could move it anywhere other than the bottom, but most smart plugs seem to either be too bulky overall or especially on the bottom of the plug. This looks like it would fit just fine though.

@PJF I’ve got one of those too actually and haven’t had any issues of note, it just ends up being quite long and bulky. I appreciate that it can fit in the top slot though.

Ive been using these:

They are the only plugs I have found that can handle a 15A load. They are fairly low profile, and have an angled head so you can plug 2 of them in if needed. I have been using them to control an electric heater and to monitor power usage on a window AC unit.

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Aeotec recently released the US model of their Zwave Smart Switch 7 and I’ve had a good experience with them so far:

You can fit two of them in the same outlet, S2 security, surge suppression, power monitoring, and loads up to 15 amps checked all of my boxes. A bit on the pricy side ($45 USD), but they’re not making me compromise anywhere else, so I found it worth it.


Ooo. That looks nice. Not may support the full 15A.