Smart Things and Red-Dimmer not 100% Functional

My switches work perfectly fine for on/off/dim and I am able to create Notification “child” switches. I’m not able to to control the LED light bar or the config button. I’ve made sure that the device handler is correctly assigned. “There was a problem connecting try again later” with a “no cloud” icon for both LED light bar and config button. Initially I thought it was because they weren’t all the same security level, but I have gone through and repaired the only two that said “S2 failed” and they are all S2 Authenticated now. I have searched and searched and can’t find a solution. Apologies if this is a dup post a head of time.

So I think I understand what you’re describing for one of the two, the Light LED child object. If I understand you correctly, you turned on the option to create a Light LED child device. The device card for the Light LED child object shows up in the ST app, but it’s not working? Is that correct?

If that’s the case, go into the IDE for the dimmer and see what firmware you’re on. Just because that menu option is available in ST (it comes from the DH), it may or may not work if the appropriate firmware isn’t in place.

You’re going to have to explain further what you mean by “not able to control the config button”. Does that mean presses for switch functionality such as disabling local control or presses for sending scenes aren’t working?

Basically, I get the little “no cloud” icon on the LED light bar and config buttons. Whats interesting is that I can change the LED behavior and color in the settings menu for 3 of my 6 switches but I can’t change any of them in the standard GUI for the switches. The Notification children created worked great, but it seems cumbersome. I ended up creating a “notifications group” and threw them all in there.