Smartthings CLI/DTH Conversion

Was wondering if anyone else was starting to dive into the CLI/development of a custom DTH for the Inovelli Devices. I’ve just started downloading all of the required components to get started and am reading the documentation. Goal would be to “pretty up” the functionality of the DTH’s to get some capabilities back (color wheel/panel control, multi-taps, etc.).

Figured now was as good of a time as any to get the conversation started. @EricM_Inovelli have you been working to update the DTH’s for newApp using the CLI and custom capabilties?

Most specifically was looking at the fan dashboard and detail presentation to see if I could make it a slider with stops for “breeze mode” “low” “medium” and “high” and show what named setting it was at on the dashboard.

I did look into it a few weeks ago and at the time had some problems with the CLI during the process that the capability was being created. I recently resolved that by manually putting the authorization token in my config file, but that is about as far as I have gotten. If your interested in the process we would be grateful for any progress you make. It will probably take me a couple weeks before I can look into it further.

All good. I don’t have a developer account so I can’t really help much. It sucks that the community can’t be a part of the developer program without a business entity to tie it to.

I’ll continue to pursue seeing what I can do to contribute. Maybe @jody has some free time to help us out or can guide me to getting access.

FYI , apparently one can easily create a developer account with a “business name” that doesn’t actually exist. . Just make one up when you are signing up and you should be good to go.