Smartthings - Is there a difference between the "settings" on the device page and in the full settings page?

I have a dumb question if anyone can set me straight… What is the difference between the settings that show up on the main device page in the SmartThings App and the settings that are in the full parameter list when you click the three dots and go to “settings”? Said another way, on the main device page there is “LED Bar Switch On” and I can choose the color and then in the settings menu there is parameter 95 which is called “LED Indicator Color (w/On)” where I can set the same thing but they are not synced up. Same thing for “Default Level Local” on the device’s page as opposed to parameter 13 “Default Level (Local)” in the full settings menu.

Any guidance is appreciated!

I think what’s going on is that both of those point to the same parameter, so you can set the color, for example, from either location. (I’m not presently where I can confirm with a Blue.) So when you change the On color for example, either changing it from the main device card OR the Settings menu work, right?

But when you make a change in one location, the other location still reflects the old setting. I believe that is due to how the Edge drivers work. They won’t allow changes to be pushed back to the menus.

@EricM_Inovelli should double-check me on this . . .


Thanks @Bry! You’re correct that both places actually make the change, so it sounds like it’s just an inability to sync the current state from one place to the other.

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