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i just got the LZw36! Love the switch so far but the fan shows as a dimmer on the smartthings app… Any ideas? I order 8 more and hope i can get this worked out before they get here!

Did you load the Inovelli Device Handlers before adding it? There are 2, the main DH and a child level DH.


Yes I did load them both and got them published

Which did you do first, add the LZW36 to ST or add the DHs to ST? If you added the LZW36 first, you may need to select the proper type in the IDE.

Go into the IDE and open the device page. Select Edit and make sure that the Ttype is “Inovelli Fan & Light Switch LZW36”.

When this is correct, you should see three devices:

Inovelli Fan & Light, Inovelli Fan & Light (Fan), Inovelli Fan & Light (Light)

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I see all three of them on smartthings but when I click fan the speed slider says dimmer maybe that’s how it is???

I don’t have a 36 installed under ST. Someone here who has should respond.

@kreene1987 ??

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Thanks for the tag @Bry, I had a 36 on ST and yes, it shows as a light/dimmer. Basically 1 is breeze mode, 2-33 is Low, 34-66 is Medium, and 67-99 is High speed.

In automations/scenes, I set 1, 33, 66, or 99 as the level of the fan depending on the need.

I’m on HA now and working with instances.

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Here is a pic of what it looks lik

Thank you for the reply! Also does anybody know how to enable breeze mode?

Set “dimmer” to 1, OR double tap the physical fan level up switch (the little up/down switch next to the button) two times.

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