SOLVED: Blue series, zigbee2mqtt, binding not working

Hey all,

This is my scenario:

I’m using zigbee2mqtt and a blue series switch that has a group binding. The group binding has 3 local bulbs and 1 remote (not on same circuit as switch) bulb. Technically where the bulbs are located should not matter for the binding but just figured I’d be verbose.

I have the switch on smart bulb mode to give constant power to the 3 local circuit bulbs.

When binding the group to the switch, it does say it was successful.

When I turn the group on/off in the zigbee2mqtt gui, the lights turn on/off just fine.

When I try to use the blue series switch to turn them on/off, nothing happens.

What would be my next steps for debugging?

Ieee for the switch is 04 0d 84 ff …


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Add the switch to the group


I was having the same problem, but this did the trick, thank you!

FYI that the written instructions (How To's | Setup Zigbee Binding - Home Assistant (Zigbee2MQTT)) are for ZHA so aren’t updated yet for Z2M; and while the video there does show this step, I overlooked it (the video adds like 9 lights to the group, so I stopped paying attention…showing 2 or 3 lights would be sufficient to get the point across), but that’s my fault.

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Gah dang. I’m glad it was that simple. I totally missed that step in the video as I just assumed it was adding more lights. My fault though…

Thanks for your time


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