Some PCB Tariffs to be removed

Hello @Eric_Inovelli,

Just wondering if the remove of some tariffs on PCB will we helping your guys or still effecting you?

Hey thanks for sharing this! Meant to thank you the other day and was searching my inbox for like 15 min haha.

It’s possible, we are looking into it. There is one HTS code that is mentioned that we use to import the switches, but it says something like, “Electronic AC Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensing switches” or something like that but it references the entire HTS code which is 8536.50.7000 which is what we’ve used historically:

“Electronic AC switches consisting of optically coupled input and output circuits (insulated thyristor AC switches); electronic switches, including temperature protected switches, consisting of a transistor and a logic chip (chip-on-chip technology); electromechanical snap-action switches for a current not exceeding 11 amps”

So, possibly it will work.

Appreciate you bringing this up, I had no clue!

NP, I am sure it doesn’t help the chip shortage and bigger companies throwing their weight around. But I hope to help you guys pay less so you can bring more products out.