Something i would love to see standard in future switches

So i would love to see these features become standard in future switches.

Temp sensor and Humidity Sensors.

Humidity would be great for bathrooms and basments.

And Temp would be great for every room. Could even use as an early fire detection if the temp of switch gets over x degrees. Send notification.

There are many use cases where this would help. I have contact sensore with temp but that is at the windows and a light switch wepuld be more accurate representation on room temps for heating/cooling.

Would also love motion but i know the new switches will have the new presence detection.

Ideally here is my dream switch.
All in one: on/off, Dimmer, fan on/off, fan 3 levels, fan adjustable, temp sensor, humidity sensor, motion, presence (zigbee and zwave versions) (yes I am dreaming i know)

Another switch i would love to see is a RGBW switch that i could touch and it would show a color wheel for RGBW and could touch to adjust to color.

Anyways keep up the great work. Love all that you do inovelli.

The one big issue with incorporating those sensors into a switch would be accuracy. The switch itself will generate small amounts of heat through the board, which could then be increased by having 3 or 4 of them in 1 metal box.

When the little aqara motion sensor came out, there was a temp sensor built in. But just that tiny little board put off enough heat that the sensor was wildly inaccurate. They then changed it to say it measured the internal temp of the device.