ST3 Routine | Turning Off Red Dimmer v2 Does Not Set New Color

I am not sure if this is something I am doing wrong, or if there is a technical limitation.

When programming a routine to turn the color of the led to let’s say Red when turned off, it does not change the color, but when I go to the device and manually select a color while it is off, it does change as expected. The routine to turn on and set a color works just fine.

I am trying to set it up to be a blue when on, and Red when off.

ST 3
New ST App (Classic Unavailable)
Galaxy S21 Android 11 OneUI

Dimmer Switch (Red Series) | Gen 2 - NO Neutral - Switch. Added by barcode, and programmed to define as no neutral per instructions included in the box. This is hooked up to a single overhead light fixture with incandescent bulbs (for now).

I installed all device handlers and SmartApps I could find through ST IDE by searching here and on other forums, but SmartApps do not show up in the new ST App.

It looks like the device was recognized properly when added. I can program scenes on button press etc.

I don’t have ST to compare, but is it possible you’re turning off the color control in that second routine? Not sure what options you have other than turn off, or if you can just leave it after the color control command?

How did you get the “Color Control” option in the routine? I (and someone else that tested) don’t have that as an option. We actually never seen that before . . .

What device handler and firmware are you on?

As an aside, you can set the LED bar in webCore using SetColor, but I understand you’re trying to do it with a routine.

I didn’t do anything special to get the color control to show up.

I am using ST3 with the new Android ST App on Android OneUI. I am a new smart user, and just starting my journey and testing different tech. With that, I cannot see or access WebCore or any other smartapp out there even though I installed it. I did sign up for some edge driver things and a beta through IDE as well and opted to install an edge driver for a dimmer as well as another set I currently cannot remember.

As you can see, I have logged into IDE, Installed all smartapps and handlers I could find to include WebCore. My understanding of reading about things, is my WebCore along with the Innovelli install is essentially a brick without ST Classic app. I do not know if any of this has an impact on what I see versus you.

As for the edge stuff and beta, here it is.

There is a new dimmer app posted.

When I click on color control, my interface looks like this. I have even tried setting toggle down once scene to keep lights on, and just change the color, and it does not change using the routine. Logs show the switch receiving the command to set color from the routine, but does not change.

The only way to set the color it seems, is upon manual setting, or only routine to turn on and set a color.

These are my switch details I am running 1.57

Ok, that makes sense, maybe. The edge drivers are at their infancy, so I haven’t loaded them. But that would account for why you are seeing different options exposed. If EricM wanders through this thread, he might be able to comment, but unfortunately I don’t think you’re going to find many running Inovelli Edge Drivers.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The classic app is long gone and some still whine about that. But the current app works just fine in a lot of regards, with some exceptions.

webCore continues to be as powerful as it always has as it really isn’t all that app dependent. You can code in webCore light years ahead of what you can do with routines in the app. Samsung has indicated that they are trying to bring to two closer to parity; however, how much of that is accomplished remains to be seen.

The one thing you should know about webCore is that reportedly, it will be deprecated at the same time as Groovy. I don’t know when that will be as a definitive date hasn’t been published.

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I am not sure the edge drivers are what is giving me the option, but I can remove the drivers and try it when I get some time to play again. I suspect it is coming from the device handler that is installed, but will post here the results.

How do I access WebCore if not through the smartapps section of the classic app? So far, everything I have read to get me started has pointed to the classic/smartapps area that I do not have.

My journey down the edge driver rabbit hole was in hopes of getting ahead of ALL groovy going away supposedly end of 21. They didn’t hesitate to drop the classic app before the new one was ready, so I don’t have much faith in this shutdown outcome either.

Quick post of the logs from the switch side as I turned off the light from ST interface switch. It is getting the command for the color change from what I can tell from this.

The exposed capabilities that you see in the device’s settings menu typically do come from the device handlers. But the edge drivers are going to replace the Device Handlers, as the IDE and Groovy code are being deprecated. So since you are running the beta Edge drivers, I doubt that anything is being derived from the old device handler.

Not exactly sure what you mean by “access”. If you are trying to write a piston, you do it as always via the webCore dashboard, The ancillary functions such as picking the devices exposed to webCore can be accessed via webCore in the SmartApps section of the Automations tab in the app.

So it sounds as if you are new to webCore and are trying to get it installed. Since the Classic app IS DEPRECATED, you can’t follow those instructions. Try the instructions that pertain to the current app, which is what you are presently using:

You have been very helpful, and correct in that I am still learning and tracking things down. I had not yet seen the new install info you linked.

Good project for me to dig into this weekend. Something I was hoping to do with WebCore to begin with when I started.
I was disappointed finding out about the current state of things with ST these last few weeks after equipment started arriving in the mail.

I Will update this thread when I make some progress in my Webcore education and testing of the non-edge setup.

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