Strange Dimmer Behavior

This is technically a duplicate post from the hubitat community, but cross posting here just to hopefully encounter the most eyes.

I accidently mashed some buttons on one of my Inovelli dimmers tonight and it is now exhibiting some really strange behavior.

Interacting with the switch manually works, but it doesn’t report changes back to the hub anymore. Attempting to issue an on/off or setLevel via zwave, the switch doesn’t respond and produces the following error that I have never seen before. Other than accidently hitting the dimmer, I haven’t changed any parameters. The switch does appear to respond to refresh commands and configure commands.


I’m kind of at a loss here, I’ve tried air gapping, shutting down/restarting the hub, saving the parameters, issuing a configure to the device, and flipping some parameters, all without any luck.

Short of factory resetting the device I’m not sure what else to do or how I managed to get the switch into this state.