Suggestions for 3 Way setup instructions

I have 13 Red dimmers and 6 of the RGB bulbs so far. I’ve been doing this a long time and the dimmers are really great. I recently installed 2 of the dimmers as 3-way switches (connected to dumb switches with neutral) and it wasn’t the smoothest experience. My hub is Home Assistant.

Here are some thoughts about the 3-way installations:

  • I am probably blind, but I did not see any instructions that indicated that I had change parameter 22 (switch type) to get the 3 way function to work (“3-way toggle” in my case). It would’ve saved a lot of searching and troubleshooting if the 3 way instructions mentioned that. For comparison, my WD-100’s worked with 3-way without any extra configuration.

  • I had to change parameter 6 (maximum level) for both of my 3-way setups (one to 90 and the other to 80). Again, a quick note in the docs would’ve saved lots of troubleshooting time. Without that, the light would turn on and then immediately go off if I turned it on from the dumb switch. I killed one switch because I second guessed its wiring because of this problem.

Overall the Reds are my favorite switch and I recommend them to people all the time. My 3-way installations would have gone a lot faster if those two items were mentioned in the docs. I haven’t had any problems with my Reds (other than the one I accidentally killed) and I’ll be ordering more soon to replace more of my WD-100’s. Thanks!

@bkaz - Check the box. I believe there as an additional slip of paper that informs the end user to make the parameter change. I totally missed it until my 6th switch. I rushed to install the switches and kind of tossed the extra packaging to the side (to include neutral wire and face plate.)

I’ll check the box next time I order. I usually get the 4 pack and don’t remember seeing anything about parameter changes. I think it would make more sense to just have it printed on the wiring guide.

BTW… there is a typo on the wiring guide. It says: “Step 3 Determine Whether to Use an Auxiliary Switch, Dumb Switch or Secondary Smart Switch” and then it says “Step 3 Find Your Schematic!” Shouldn’t that be Step 4?
Maybe add: “Step 5: Set your Parameters” instead of putting it somewhere else.