Suggestions on how best to pair a RGB bulb with a on/off switch

So Im using hassio if it matters.

I have two RGB bulbs in my bathroom that are connected to a red series dimmer. Currently using scene control to adjust brightness and color depending on how many times I tap the switch.

Here is an example of how I currently have it set
tap 2x activates the following: turn on switch, adjust brightness, adjust color

My problem is that obviously when it first turns the light on, it starts with its previous setting before it adjusts. So at night, this can be jarring.

Wondering I should just leave the switch on all the time and have a single tap, double tap etc just turn on the bulb?

Anyone else do something similar? Whats the best way to go about this?

What type of RGB bulb is it?

Usually, you would leave the switch permanently on (disable the relay), and then control the bulb wirelessly (via scenes or association if it is a zwave bulb).

If you actually turn the switch off (cutting power to the bulb), you may run into additional problems if/when your hub decides your RGB bulb is a dead node.

Its a red series on/off and a innovelli RGB. I assume I can just leave the switch always on, and program a single tap to turn bulb on/off, right?

Yes, you can associate the bulb directly with the dimmer, which will give you the ability to turn the light on or off with a single press of the switch (remember to disable the relay though). It will also allow you to change the brightness by holding down the on/off buttons.

You can then set up scene automation to set the color however you want with double/triple/etc tap.

The only drawback is that the LED indicator on the switch (the progress-bar style that shows you the current dim level) doesn’t work when the relay is disabled, because the switch itself will always be at 100%

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