Swapped Basic with Dimmer in 3 way - no go?

I had a LZW30 (Black series on/off) installed in a 3 way, functioning normally and bought a LZW31 (Black series dimmer) and replaced it where the LZW30 was. However, the dimmer only works when the dumb switch is ‘on’. I swapped the LZW30 back in, thinking I had switched wires around in the transition, but it worked fine. Put the dimmer back in, and still the same issue of the dumb switch needing to be ‘on’ for the smart dimmer to work.
Am I missing something simple in transitioning to the dimmer? Another odd 3 way issue?
Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

You have to change the following parameters:

  • 21 - change to Neutral
  • 22 - change to match your aux switch type: dimmer switch or dumb switch

Great! Thanks for your help!

Depending on your environment and load, you may see the dimmer randomly switch off when at full brightness. If that happens, the current workaround is to set max brightness to 80%.

This issue has been reported by some users here, but not all.

Indeed, ran into the switch turning off after a few seconds with the fix being max brightness set to 80%. Thanks for that heads up. I’ll try to keep up with the forums on that issue and its resolution.