Switch for a bathroom fan?

Would i need to wait for the fan switch (windy) or would an on/off switch work? Searching this give mixed anwers (for other z-wave switchs anyway) or my googlefu is off.


Hey @Griimzer - great question! So I had to ask the manufacturer as I’ve heard mixed reports too and wanted to make sure before answering.

Their answer was that the switch can handle up to 400W Inductive load. So depending on your fans draw, it should work!

Thanks, i’ll try to check my fans to check if the load is provided.

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Got a chance to install my switchs yesterday.

1- They are great!
2- Working for my bathroom fan without any troubles for now (it’s a .65A fan)

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Fantastic! That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update!

So I wonder if anyone has tried this with a ceiling fan and light kit… I can’t imagine they’d be much above 1-2 amps or am I way underestimating?

I currently have my fan hooked up to a HB Zigbee controller connected to power with a normal dumb switch… It would be nice to use a Red Series, disable the relay and use the buttons to control the Zigbee controller for the light and fan speed… At least until the Inovelli fan switch is released…

@Ma2J - I think the issue is the startup amps for the ceiling fan motor, not necessary the light. The SA may overdraw the limits of the Inovelli switch is rated for.

So was that a double or triple dog dare? :wink: Yeah… I was starting to wonder about that too.

So I gotta ask, Is that peak or continuous? :thinking:

Should be continuous. If using the idea of a light bulb, light bulbs don’t have startup, so it would need to be able to power 400W continuous…at least in my eyes.

That’s what I am thinking too! So the follow-up, what’s the peak? and I’m sure there is a how long in there too…