Switch keeps turning on after installing new bulbs

Hi Community,

I have a Red Series On/Off Switch in a 2 way configuration that has been working fine until I recently got new bulbs. If I turn dumb switch in position A everything works fine but if I turn dumb switch in position B and try turning it off with inovelli switch it will turn off for a second and then turn right back on.

New bulbs are 5w x 4. This doesn’t happen if I just put 1 of my old 16w bulbs in.

Video: 20220622 210011 - YouTube

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

My best guess regarding what is happening is that when you swapped out the bulbs, you dropped the current drawn threshold below that which the switch needs to properly auto-detect that it is in a 3-way configuration. Unfortunately, the LZW30s auto-detect the x-way configuration and there is no way to manually set it.

The best course of action if I’m correct is to replace the dumb switch with an Aux.

One thing you could try before doing that would be to set the Load type to T-8 (firmware 1.17 and later). It’s not designed for your bulbs, but it does tinker with the load type so it’s worth a shot.

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Switching load type to T-8 worked! Thanks for the super fast help!

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