Switch turned off lights only dim and don't turn off

Hi all!

So, I read a few posts about this and they talk about getting a bypass. Also, they mention changing parameter 21 to Neutral. I have changed parameter 21 and still having the issue. Basically what happens is when I turn off the light switch the lights on my chandelier just dims never turn completely off.

I have had this switch installed for 5 months now and had no problems at all with it. That is until my partner turned off the dumb switch (it’s a 4 way switch). When I turned the dumb switch back on this issue started. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I can’t imagine how flipping one of the other switches in a 3 or 4-way would affect it, but obviously something happened with yours.

Normally, you would see this behavior from the beginning. I’m guessing you’re talking about a dimmer and not a switch since you have a parameter 21. What’s happening, at least now, is that there is some voltage remaining that is causing the bulbs to remain dimly light. Installing a bypass in the light’s box should draw that voltage down so that the bulbs don’t illuminate.

You’re parameter 21 should be set to whatever your installation is, but you can change it to see if that makes a difference. You can try setting it both via the hub and at the switch. A number of HA owners have various issues relating to switch settings, so I suspect that HA may not always play nicely in regard to switch settings. (I don’t have HA . . just my guess.)

Yeah, I installed it with the natural wire but it was set to non-neutual.

I’m thinking there is an issue with the switch at this point. I had the switch on lastnight for a little bit and after I posted this I went down to turn it off. The switch was extremely hot. None of the other switches I have get that hot. So I turned one of the dumb switches off to cut the power to it. It cooled down after that.

I have some switches I haven’t installed yet. I’m going to try to replace that one with one of them and see how that goes.

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