Sync Inovelli Logins Accross All Inovelli Web Sites

This suggestion does not have to do with the hardware but instead the website.

Can we get it on the roadmap to sync the user name and password across all the Inovelli websites?

Right now the following each have a different login: (Shop) (here) (Support Portal)

My password tracker is having a hard time keeping track because all three have the same top-level domain.

Not a big deal but a little annoyance that would be nice to get standardized across the platform/experience.

Hey @BuilderTroy – as luck would have it, this is actually something that I’m working on right now and it should be completed within 2-3 weeks using Auth0. The backend platforms we use are BigCommerce (, Zoho (Support), and Discourse (Community) so they’re working on the connections right now.

We’ll also have an option with this SSO to have you select your hub and to sign up for our mailing list(s) so that we an better help with support tickets and any support/marketing emails as we’ll know what hub you have.

Anyway, thanks for posting about this – I was actually going to make an announcement shortly that this was happening!

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Fantastic! As always, you guys are all over it.