Temporarily disable LED setting override when operating blue switch

I’d like to use the LED bar not only for notifications (which are “temporary”) but also for status. For example, when my alarm system is armed, all LEDs should turn red and this should stay as long as it gets disarmed.

I can do this by programming the LEDs when alarm arms and reverting LEDs to default when alarm disarms. The catch is, if the switch is operated during this time, it reverts to default state.

Can this behavior be disabled temporarily?

I use notifications and when I operate the switch, it’ll temporarily go back to normal LED color and then revert back to the notification until cleared (2x config button). Are all notifications do it or just the alarmed one?

Not sure what you mean by this. “Revert back to the notification until cleared”: How do you revert back to the notifcation?

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It does it automatically. It goes from flashing red to cyan full LED then back to flashing red.

How are you programming the LEDs and returning to default today?

The switch will temporarily switch from the notification to normal bar operation and then go back to displaying the notification, if a notification is active and the switch is operated. It won’t cancel the notification, just temporarily “suspends” it. Is this what you want to disable?

It shouldn’t, if you are setting the LED color when on/off to the new color, it should take even if the switch is being operated.

It will also revert back to the notification if there is still time left before expiring or indefinite.

Thanks everyone! Indeed, that works. Wonderful.

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