The full Inovelli story

@Eric_Inovelli , whats the full Inovelli birth story? I read the little 10 sentence blurb in about us, but I’m interested in the long version.


If we tell it now, what will we have for the book series? :wink:


This is a great idea for a video! Eric always thinks you guys get bored with our longer videos but the story is a great one so maybe I can convince him to let me film it :slight_smile:


{{Scenes opens zoomed into fire. Zoom out to reveal 80 year old Eric sitting in a rocker, pipe in mouth, large book in lap}}

Eric: “I still remember it like it was yesterday. It all started when…”

{{Begin flashback}}

I mean there’s many ways we can take this. Possibly a live action streaming event. Hulu or Netflix mini series. Dual theater/VOD release.

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We’ve actually talked about creating a video that includes random videos we’ve taken over the past few years. I have this video of when we were testing out the dimmer switch in a multi-way setup and we’re all screaming in excitement :joy:

Now just to find a good fireplace and chair for a backdrop.

It all started when I used the word, “disable relay”…

Kidding aside, we’ve been through an insane journey and it’s only been almost 5yrs.

I’d be happy to start telling some of the story. Might need to check with our lawyer on what I can and can’t say as we’ve had a few shots at us along the way but I think it would be cool if we all (not just me) told our side of the story and our journey here as like a weekly/bi-weekly mini series.


Maybe tell it like Comedy Central’s Drunk History segments.


Actually, it’s a Cinderella story . . .

You’re the first guy that’s been able to disable the relay in a switch that doesn’t have one! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I am so excited to see/hear this.

I want the details of the first generation switch development and how your team came to know each other/kick this thing off. I joined when v2 was already significantly developed.